Soooooooo as suspected... this trip is crazy haha.  Yesterday was great.  Started off with The Kills at The Fader Fort.  My first time seeing them, they owned.  I'll be picking up that album when I get back.  Then we hit Pure Volume and caught You Me and Everyone We Know.  Followed that with The Exit and Ludo and a couple others.  Got a txt about being on a list for a party at "the house" which ended up actually being a house.  And prob the best sx party out there.  It's an echo/ticketmaster/ilike party with DJs each night and free booze (including makers and pbr . . . mmmmmmmm).  So last night Moby was DJing and it's basically a just a house party.  For those who don't know I LOVE moby so it was awesome to be able to shoot him although I had left my flash at the hotel and hopefully my long exposure stuff is cool.  Tonight Ben Harper is DJing and Friday moby again and flosstradamus (sp?).  After that house party thingy was REM.  I tried to find dan deacon after REM but by that point I was in a different world and snagged a cab back to the hotel.  Yesterday was the "chillest" day schedule wise.  Oh, and I road up in an elevator with Perry Farrel... weird.  Today is gonna be packed... I'm in a music photography panel right now with some amazing photogs... Wright, de Wilde, and Natkin.  de Wilde is amazing ( ).  Up today is... Billy Bragg, Cool Kids, Tapes N Tapes, Tokyo Police Club, Paper Rival, Body of War (morello and harper), NERD, Company of Thieves, Ludo, Audition, My Morning Jacket, MGMT, Hush Sound. Annnnnnnnyways.  I'm gonna pay some better attention and get geared up for some more craziness.