Soooooooooooo I'm back from SX but I'll be updating some things a little late.  Day 3 started out slooooow.  After 2 solid days of walking around, drinking, going to bed late, and getting up early for panels I was already exhausted.  And it seemed like they fucked something up and didn't book any solid shows for the afternoon.  So carl had moved into the driskil on 6th and we crashed there for a little bit before heading out.  I was trying to catch The Frantic bc I like them a lot and their label guy is cool.  I swung by their venue but I knew I couldn't shoot bc it was SO dark and Carl txted me and said Cool Kids' line was getting out of control.  So I rolled over there early. The thing about sx is you discover bands when you least expect it.  We showed up to cool kids and they were running late and there were still 2 bands before them.  The first of those two went on and it was AMAZING.  They're a band from the UK called Does It Offend You, Yeah?  And they kick ass.  You've got to check this video out:  they were amazing and really nice guys.  Prob my fav band of sxsw.  After them was Flosstradamous (sp?) and it was okay.  Then Cool Kids came out and owned.  These guys are from the Chi but i've never seen them before.  If you get the chance you should.  After that we talked out way into Paramore (carl didn't have a badge or wristband).  And then The Hush Sound (we had purevolume passes but it was at capacity).  I shot that and then went outside and at the bar next door was my second fav band of sx: Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip They're awesome.  Check em out.