Cassie + Eric

I don't get to second shoot a wedding as much as I'd like. It's really frustrating when you want to be the one taking all the main shots, but it's also really refreshing to be able to capture a day in a more unique way then when you have certain things you have to get. This wedding was really unique and fun. CassieAndEric_0004 CassieAndEric_0032 CassieAndEric_0051 CassieAndEric_0162 CassieAndEric_0318 CassieAndEric_0425 CassieAndEric_0431 CassieAndEric_0254 CassieAndEric_0516 CassieAndEric_0505 CassieAndEric_0686 CassieAndEric_0935 CassieAndEric_0964 CassieAndEric_1031 CassieAndEric_1176 CassieAndEric_1187 CassieAndEric_1212 CassieAndEric_1256 CassieAndEric_1265 CassieAndEric_1404 CassieAndEric_1406 CassieAndEric_1610 CassieAndEric_1645 CassieAndEric_1755 CassieAndEric_0786 CassieAndEric_1851 CassieAndEric_2124 CassieAndEric_2285 CassieAndEric_2303 CassieAndEric_2356