Phillip Phillips

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips came by RMG to do an interview the other day.  To give us something to cut away to if we needed it, I went out and shot his show that night opening for John Mayer at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater outside of Chicago.  Phillip was a great interview and put on a solid set.  Lighting (as with Mayer's set) left a lot to be desired, but I got some good stuff.  See the whole gallery here. 13_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_273 12_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_168 11_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_243 10_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_249 09_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_195 08_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_158 07_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_068 06_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_105 05_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_082 04_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_035 03_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_183 02_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_117 01_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_049