Lucky Boys Confusion

Lucky Boys Confusion celebrated the 10th anniversary of their album Commitment with a show at House of Blues.  To say LBC had an influence on me would be putting it mildly.  When I first got into audio/video/photography it was because I was going to a ton of local shows and shooting the bands around me.  One of which was LBC.  I must have seen them 50 times in one year.  They're still going at it after all these years.  This was my first time seeing them since their guitar player Joe died.  It wasn't quite the same, but it was still fun to see them.  See the whole gallery here. 01_LBC2013-09-06_0780 02_LBC2013-09-06_1313 03_LBC2013-09-06_0351 04_LBC2013-09-06_0408 05_LBC2013-09-06_0916 06_LBC2013-09-06_0110 07_LBC2013-09-06_1216 08_LBC2013-09-06_0758 09_LBC2013-09-06_0413 10_LBC2013-09-06_0433 11_LBC2013-09-06_0519 12_LBC2013-09-06_0407 13_LBC2013-09-06_1171 14_LBC2013-09-06_1127 15_LBC2013-09-06_0537 16_LBC2013-09-06_0686 17_LBC2013-09-06_1115 18_LBC2013-09-06_1251