Jonas Brothers - Abu Dhabi

I was going back through some old images and I realized I never edited the last show I did for Jonas Brothers on the Camp Rock 2 tour.  It was a one off in Abu Dhabi, yes the middle east.  We flew from Buenos Aires, Argentina to United Arab Emirates.  Of all the stuff I've done with the Jonas Brothers this was the one moment that I just took a step back and realized it was a pretty amazing time.  We stayed at the Yaz hotel, which was literally on top of a Formula One track where they were practicing racing.  Long story short... amazing time.  Here are the images... 01_JoBros2010-11-180227 02_JoBros2010-11-180284 03_JoBros2010-11-180269 04_JoBros2010-11-180346 05_JoBros2010-11-180303 06_JoBros2010-11-180414 07_JoBros2010-11-180354 08_JoBros2010-11-180526 09_JoBros2010-11-180463 10_JoBros2010-11-180410 11_JoBros2010-11-180470 12_JoBros2010-11-180649 13_JoBros2010-11-180577 14_JoBros2010-11-180694 15_JoBros2010-11-180589 16_JoBros2010-11-181008 17_JoBros2010-11-180629 18_JoBros2010-11-180715 19_JoBros2010-11-180594 20_JoBros2010-11-180750 21_JoBros2010-11-180783 22_JoBros2010-11-180619 23_JoBros2010-11-180821 24_JoBros2010-11-180945