I have no job.



I mean, I always have a job.  But for the first time in a LONG time, I don't have a 9-5 job.  I have always done freelance while having a full time gig.  Even if it meant getting home from work, doing the freelance all night, going straight back to work.  But now I don't have that middle of the day thing to eat up my freelance time so I'm going full speed ahead with AV Collective.  If the right full time opportunity came along, I'd entertain the idea.  But right now I'm really psyched about offering full service photo and video to a wide range of clients through my own company,  AVCollective.com  It's not really that different than what I was doing before, other than the fact that my family depends on my salary and it's elevating my hustle to work with new clients.

Along those lines I've added new clients and projects the past two months that I'm really proud of.  I'll put together some case studies on each of them so you can see exactly what I did and how we executed.  It's been a blast.  So stay tuned as I reboot my websites and re-engage.

RFT Magazine Shoot

01_RFT_Headshots_023 02_RFT_Headshots_097 03_RFT_Headshots_182 04_RFT_Headshots_169 05_RFT_Headshots_193 06_RFT_Headshots_198 07_RFT_Headshots_215 08_RFT_Headshots_307 09_RFT_Headshots_274 10_RFT_Headshots_321 11_RFT_Headshots_232 12_RFT_Headshots_397 13_RFT_Headshots_330 14_RFT_Headshots_350 15_RFT_Headshots_451 16_RFT_Headshots_480 17_RFT_Headshots_432 18_RFT_Headshots_434 19_RFT_Headshots_578 20_RFT_Headshots_515 21_RFT_Headshots_538 22_RFT_Headshots_573 23_RFT_Headshots_585 24_RFT_Headshots_589 My good friend Rob Tarpey handles the digital asset management and soft proofing for all the global packaging for a little company called McDonald's.  He has some upcoming press that he needed new portraits for and asked me to come out and photograph them.  The Marketing Store has a really unique office in the loop and we used that space as a backdrop for this shoot.  I think it came out great and will really help tell the story of the person behind the scenes of one of the biggest projects on the globe.


Executive Head Shots

In April I went to New York for a workshop with the famed Joey L.  I found out right before I left for that trip that I was going to have to head from NYC to Dallas to do 25 executive head shots in 1 day for RMG Networks.  I found a hair/makeup person, called the hotel and got a decent room to shoot in, and shipped my gear out. Usually I'd want an assistant for something like this but with the timing it was too tight.  Got there to the hotel at 2am Monday morning, was up and setting up by 6am.  Oh, and I found out we had 40 to do and our time was cut down due to meetings people couldn't skip out of.  Even with all that, I got some shots I really liked. 01_RMGnetworks_BrianCordes_02_1845_HR 02_RMGnetworks_GarryMcGuire_2051_HR 03_RMGnetworks_SteveNesbit_02_0475_HR 04_RMGnetworks_HansPusch_02_2091_HR 05_RMGnetworks_CharlesAnsley_02_0147_HR 06_RMGnetworks_YanLu_02_0177_HR 07_RMGnetworks_DavidCarbone_01_1342_HR


Camera :: Canon 5d Mark III, 24-70mm f/2.8L, shot at 1/80, f/6.3 (ish), ISO 100

Lighting :: Calumet Travelite 750 in a 48" soft box to camera left, just above eye level feathered down and towards the camera.  Travelite 750 in a grid for rim light, Canon Speedlite 580 EX-II on the background directly behind the subject.

Hair/Makeup :: Laura Martinez

This project was fun...

So I recently picked up an editing/motion graphics project for a client.  It was really fun to do something a little more "edgy".  The video came out great and the client loved it.  I'm hoping to do some more work for them in the future.

Tearsheet: Precision Farming

I had the great fortune to travel to Gallo Winery in Northern California earlier this year and capture some images for a client's Precision Farming magazine.  What's PF?  It's lots of GPS and controller technology to make sure you get the most out of your fields.  REALLY interesting stuff.

Monopoly is Back!

So I'm a little behind on this, but I just got an email from the one and only McDonald's about Monopoly being back.  In addition to the shot of my co-work Charmaine that I assisted on, I realized they ended up using one of my wedding photos in the Snap Fish assembly.  Random to open your email and see a little something you shot.  If you haven't been playing Monopoly you've been missing out.  A lot of my friends worked a LONG time and a LOT of hours to make it look and run perfectly so you should go scope it out.  Plus you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning something.