Shot the SHFC show at HOB the other day.  They were main support and Smallpools headlined.  Didn't know much about them, but they put on a good show.  Full gallery here. 01_SmallPools2013-09-16_0070 02_SmallPools2013-09-16_0001 03_SmallPools2013-09-16_0093 04_SmallPools2013-09-16_0019 05_SmallPools2013-09-16_0122 06_SmallPools2013-09-16_0190 07_SmallPools2013-09-16_0065 08_SmallPools2013-09-16_0089 09_SmallPools2013-09-16_0154 10_SmallPools2013-09-16_0097 11_SmallPools2013-09-16_0241 12_SmallPools2013-09-16_0299 13_SmallPools2013-09-16_0266 14_SmallPools2013-09-16_0049

Super Happy Fun Club

Had the opportunity to shoot my friends in Super Happy Fun Club live for the first time.  Great band with great guys, doing great things.  Fun show and my second at HOB in a few weeks.  Lights there are always amazing.  Selects below, full gallery here. 01_SHFC2013-09-16_0011 02_SHFC2013-09-16_0037 03_SHFC2013-09-16_0056 04_SHFC2013-09-16_0157 05_SHFC2013-09-16_0115 06_SHFC2013-09-16_0078 07_SHFC2013-09-16_0133 08_SHFC2013-09-16_0267 09_SHFC2013-09-16_0254 10_SHFC2013-09-16_0421 11_SHFC2013-09-16_0296 12_SHFC2013-09-16_0305 13_SHFC2013-09-16_0276 14_SHFC2013-09-16_0393 15_SHFC2013-09-16_0238 16_SHFC2013-09-16_0437 17_SHFC2013-09-16_0405 18_SHFC2013-09-16_0339 19_SHFC2013-09-16_0366 20_SHFC2013-09-16_0360 21_SHFC2013-09-16_0464 22_SHFC2013-09-16_0947 23_SHFC2013-09-16_0882 24_SHFC2013-09-16_0515 25_SHFC2013-09-16_0631 26_SHFC2013-09-16_1016 27_SHFC2013-09-16_1086 28_SHFC2013-09-16_1043 29_SHFC2013-09-16_1045 30_SHFC2013-09-16_0289 31_SHFC2013-09-16_1095 32_SHFC2013-09-16_1099 33_SHFC2013-09-16_1154

Jonas Brothers - Abu Dhabi

I was going back through some old images and I realized I never edited the last show I did for Jonas Brothers on the Camp Rock 2 tour.  It was a one off in Abu Dhabi, yes the middle east.  We flew from Buenos Aires, Argentina to United Arab Emirates.  Of all the stuff I've done with the Jonas Brothers this was the one moment that I just took a step back and realized it was a pretty amazing time.  We stayed at the Yaz hotel, which was literally on top of a Formula One track where they were practicing racing.  Long story short... amazing time.  Here are the images... 01_JoBros2010-11-180227 02_JoBros2010-11-180284 03_JoBros2010-11-180269 04_JoBros2010-11-180346 05_JoBros2010-11-180303 06_JoBros2010-11-180414 07_JoBros2010-11-180354 08_JoBros2010-11-180526 09_JoBros2010-11-180463 10_JoBros2010-11-180410 11_JoBros2010-11-180470 12_JoBros2010-11-180649 13_JoBros2010-11-180577 14_JoBros2010-11-180694 15_JoBros2010-11-180589 16_JoBros2010-11-181008 17_JoBros2010-11-180629 18_JoBros2010-11-180715 19_JoBros2010-11-180594 20_JoBros2010-11-180750 21_JoBros2010-11-180783 22_JoBros2010-11-180619 23_JoBros2010-11-180821 24_JoBros2010-11-180945

Phillip Phillips

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips came by RMG to do an interview the other day.  To give us something to cut away to if we needed it, I went out and shot his show that night opening for John Mayer at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater outside of Chicago.  Phillip was a great interview and put on a solid set.  Lighting (as with Mayer's set) left a lot to be desired, but I got some good stuff.  See the whole gallery here. 13_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_273 12_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_168 11_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_243 10_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_249 09_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_195 08_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_158 07_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_068 06_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_105 05_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_082 04_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_035 03_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_183 02_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_117 01_PhillipPhillips2013-08-09_049

Lucky Boys Confusion

Lucky Boys Confusion celebrated the 10th anniversary of their album Commitment with a show at House of Blues.  To say LBC had an influence on me would be putting it mildly.  When I first got into audio/video/photography it was because I was going to a ton of local shows and shooting the bands around me.  One of which was LBC.  I must have seen them 50 times in one year.  They're still going at it after all these years.  This was my first time seeing them since their guitar player Joe died.  It wasn't quite the same, but it was still fun to see them.  See the whole gallery here. 01_LBC2013-09-06_0780 02_LBC2013-09-06_1313 03_LBC2013-09-06_0351 04_LBC2013-09-06_0408 05_LBC2013-09-06_0916 06_LBC2013-09-06_0110 07_LBC2013-09-06_1216 08_LBC2013-09-06_0758 09_LBC2013-09-06_0413 10_LBC2013-09-06_0433 11_LBC2013-09-06_0519 12_LBC2013-09-06_0407 13_LBC2013-09-06_1171 14_LBC2013-09-06_1127 15_LBC2013-09-06_0537 16_LBC2013-09-06_0686 17_LBC2013-09-06_1115 18_LBC2013-09-06_1251

That Lying Bitch

My buddy Darren Vorel (formerly of the Scissors) started a new band with his brother Eric, Tom Higginson and Dave Tirio (both from the Plain White T's).  They played their first show at the House of Blues opening for Lucky Boys Confusion.  They played a great set on some stripped down gear.  I like what they're doing, going back to the basics.  Below are my favorite shots, you can see them all here. 01_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_1146 02_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0287 03_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0288 04_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0005 05_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0067 06_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0190 07_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0087 08_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0034 09_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0045 10_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0075 11_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0221 12_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0187 13_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0173 14_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0350 15_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0165 16_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0334 17_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0381 18_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0391 19_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0412 20_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0444 21_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0981 22_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0467 23_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0483 24_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_1009 25_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0517 26_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0569 27_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_1057 28_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0961 29_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0574 30_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_1126 31_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0590 32_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_1111 33_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0525 34_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_0691 35_ThatLyingBitch2013-09-06_1197

TBT: Jonas Brothers in Abu Dhabi

I went to some amazing places when I was on tour as the Jonas Brothers photographer.  Shooting concerts around the world was great, and going to Abu Dhabi was a once in a lifetime trip.  It was the last night of tour and after doing some interviews and liners I popped off a frame. JoBros2010-11-180213sm

John Mayer Live

I shot the John Mayer show at First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre outside Chicago.  I saw Mayer for the first time almost 10 years ago at a college show.  Amazing to see one of the greatest living guitar players perform live.  As far as the show, the lighting was very flat.  Not much from behind or above, just a spot from the front really.  But, I got some good stuff.  Wish I could have shot more than just the first 3 songs.  See the whole gallery here. 15_JohnMayer2013-08-09_315 14_JohnMayer2013-08-09_491 13_JohnMayer2013-08-09_572 12_JohnMayer2013-08-09_141 11_JohnMayer2013-08-09_334 10_JohnMayer2013-08-09_093 09_JohnMayer2013-08-09_601 08a_JohnMayer2013-08-09_458 08_JohnMayer2013-08-09_448 07_JohnMayer2013-08-09_406 06_JohnMayer2013-08-09_229 05_JohnMayer2013-08-09_264 04_JohnMayer2013-08-09_047 03_JohnMayer2013-08-09_329 02_JohnMayer2013-08-09_177 01_JohnMayer2013-08-09_003

Pierce The Veil

01_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_023 02_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_093 03_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_169 04_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_051 05_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_120 06_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_083 07_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_046 08_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_050 09_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_217 10_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_055 11_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_133 12_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_299 13_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_090 14_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_209 15_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_163 16_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_290 17_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_243 18_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_265 19_PierceTheVeil2013-05-03_225  

I went out to the Pierce the Veil / All Time Low concert at the Sear's Center in Chicago.  I was hanging out and missed the first song and a half of PTV's shoot, so I only had a couple minutes to photograph.  But I got some good results.  Great band I look forward to shooting at Riot Fest in a couple months.

All Time Low

01_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_0004 02_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_0006 03_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_074 04_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_135 05_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_136 06_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_128 07_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_208 08_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_212 09_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_244 10_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_257 11_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_334 11_B_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_741 11_B_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_832 12_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_279 13_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_462 14_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_241 15_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_514 16_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_261 17_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_531 18_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_363 19_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_572 20_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_371 21_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_391 22_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_583 23_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_814 24_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_859 25_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_909 26_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_929 27_AllTimeLow2013-05-03_944 Had a chance to get out to the All Time Low / Pierce the Veil "Spring Fever" concert at the Sear's Center in Chicago.  First time seeing, shooting or hanging with either of those bands and I was pleasantly surprised.  Great guys and a really solid, energetic site.  Really enjoyed shooting it.  The Pierce the Veil images will be up tomorrow.


Motion City Soundtrack at House of Blues @MotionCityMusic

I first saw Motion City Soundtrack about 11 years ago at the House of Blues.  The other two bands on the bill were Lucky Boys Confusion and Something Corporate.  It was a great show and I've seen every stop in Chicago they've had over the years.  In addition to seeing them around the country at other shows.  This set wasn't my favorite one of theirs, but they had that same energy they always have.

Two Door Cinema Club at the Riv ( @TDCinemaClub )

Had the chance to shoot one of my favorite new bands, Two Door Cinema Club.  The set was great and their new album is a must hear.

Thrice at the Metro

It's a rare opportunity that you get the chance to meet and work with people that you really admire, especially in the music industry.  Over the years I've had the opportunity to shoot and hang with Thrice a number of times, including as they recorded one of my favorite albums.  They're taking a hiatus and I was glad to get the opportunity to see them again when they came through Chicago.  They're amazing musicians and great guys.  I'll post the behind the scenes stuff tomorrow, but here's a gallery from their show.  Typically I would cut this way down to like 12-20 key shots.  But I loved their set and since it's probably the last time I'll get to post live shots of them I went a little overboard.  Enjoy.

Beach Boys

These are just cell phone pictures because the venue security was EXTREMELY strict with cameras.  Making sweeps through the crowd and shutting down anyone with a nicer looking camera, even if it didn't have a removable lens or anything pro about it.  But our seats were great and I LOVED the show so I wanted to share some pictures.