Ian + Marissa

Jen + Chris

I had the opportunity to photograph my friends Jen and Chris' wedding.  It's always a little more stressful shooting an art director's wedding, but this one went off great.  Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Hyatt Lodge on the McDonald's campus.  It was a perfect day.  Below are some of my favorites. Berry2013-08-17_0009 Berry2013-08-17_0103 Berry2013-08-17_0167 Berry2013-08-17_0177 Berry2013-08-17_0212 Berry2013-08-17_0342 Berry2013-08-17_0468 Berry2013-08-17_0844_0966 Berry2013-08-17_0844 Berry2013-08-17_0865 Berry2013-08-17_1891 Berry2013-08-17_2142 Berry2013-08-17_2145 Berry2013-08-17_2267_1189 Berry2013-08-17_2267 Berry2013-08-17_2601 Berry2013-08-17_2718 Berry2013-08-17_2756 Berry2013-08-17_2920 Berry2013-08-17_2924 Berry2013-08-17_3743 Berry2013-08-17_3863_3663 Berry2013-08-17_3863 Berry2013-08-17_4266 Berry2013-08-17_4293 Berry2013-08-17_4423 Berry2013-08-17_4435_4661 Berry2013-08-17_4435 Berry2013-08-17_4461_5560 Berry2013-08-17_4614 Berry2013-08-17_4731 Berry2013-08-17_5282 Berry2013-08-17_5329 Berry2013-08-17_5508 Berry2013-08-17_5780 Berry2013-08-17_5957 Berry2013-08-17_6113 Berry2013-08-17_6143 Berry2013-08-17_6159 Berry2013-08-17_6216 Berry2013-08-17_6280 Berry2013-08-17_6392 Berry2013-08-17_6406 Berry2013-08-17_6724 Berry2013-08-17_6812 Berry2013-08-17_7051 Berry2013-08-17_7266 Berry2013-08-17_7357

Cassie + Eric

I don't get to second shoot a wedding as much as I'd like. It's really frustrating when you want to be the one taking all the main shots, but it's also really refreshing to be able to capture a day in a more unique way then when you have certain things you have to get. This wedding was really unique and fun. CassieAndEric_0004 CassieAndEric_0032 CassieAndEric_0051 CassieAndEric_0162 CassieAndEric_0318 CassieAndEric_0425 CassieAndEric_0431 CassieAndEric_0254 CassieAndEric_0516 CassieAndEric_0505 CassieAndEric_0686 CassieAndEric_0935 CassieAndEric_0964 CassieAndEric_1031 CassieAndEric_1176 CassieAndEric_1187 CassieAndEric_1212 CassieAndEric_1256 CassieAndEric_1265 CassieAndEric_1404 CassieAndEric_1406 CassieAndEric_1610 CassieAndEric_1645 CassieAndEric_1755 CassieAndEric_0786 CassieAndEric_1851 CassieAndEric_2124 CassieAndEric_2285 CassieAndEric_2303 CassieAndEric_2356

Tuna Wedding

I had the pleasure of ushering my friend Stevie's wedding.  Brought the x-Pro1 for some snapshots.

Nick + Nikki

On Saturday I went out to the Arboretum with Nick and Nikki to do an engagement shoot.  It's something I've started including in my wedding package and I really like it a lot.  It gives me an idea of how the couple takes direction and what works and what doesn't.  And it gives them a little bit of an idea of what to expect on their wedding day.  Here are some of my favorites...

Location: Morton Arboretum

Cameras: 5d Mark III (24-70mm) + Fuji X-Pro1 (35mm)

Connor + Lindsay - March 24, 2012

So it usually takes a couple weeks to get through a set of wedding photos.  But I was so excited about these I did it in a few days.  Below are some of my favorites from the wedding.  The weather held out, the couple was one of the most low key I've shot, and nearly had a bridal party battle with another wedding over a gazebo (not really but it we would have won).  Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think.

Tim + Sara

My cousin Tim got married this weekend.  I was in the wedding, but I brought my camera with to snap some random shots through out the day.  I ahd a great time and I"m so excited for the two of them.

The Kramer's

I had the pleasure of shoot the Kramer's wedding about a month ago.  Both the ceremony and reception were at St. Andrews Golf Course and we had some amazing weather for the beginning of October.  They're a great couple, I even ran into them at the Thrice show I shot the other day.  Below are a couple of my favorites...

Dan + Meredith

I had the pleasure of photographing Dan + Meredith's wedding 1 month ago today.  The images came out great and they were great sports at the forest preserve we went to where the previous day's rain decided to bring the bugs out.  I delivered the most images I've ever sent a couple (800+) but it was just so hard to put the camera down.  Reception was at Pinstripes which is an awesome Bocce & Bowling place that I need to go back to just to hang out.  Some of my favorite images are below.

Connor & Lindsay Engagement

Like you saw from the sneak peak yesterday, I had a great time at the Morton Arboretum with Connor and Lindsay.  It's amazing what the arboretum as done from the times I would go there years ago.  Some of my fav photos I've taken have been from there.  I had a great time with Lindsay and Connor.  We went around the West Loop and found some great spots and ended at the visitor center.

Shooting Details: 5d Mark II, 24-70mm f/2.8L, 580 EXII at times (although I hate using flashes), processed in Lightroom.

Monopoly is Back!

So I'm a little behind on this, but I just got an email from the one and only McDonald's about Monopoly being back.  In addition to the shot of my co-work Charmaine that I assisted on, I realized they ended up using one of my wedding photos in the Snap Fish assembly.  Random to open your email and see a little something you shot.  If you haven't been playing Monopoly you've been missing out.  A lot of my friends worked a LONG time and a LOT of hours to make it look and run perfectly so you should go scope it out.  Plus you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning something.

Engagement Photos :: Mary & Dave

Had a great afternoon shooting with Mary & Dave for their engagement session.  We went over to Lilacia Park in Lombard, the day of the Lilac Parade.  It was a lot of fun.

Jess & Mark

This wedding was a fun one for me. I knew most everyone in the wedding party and at the wedding so it was good to catch up with people and make some images of my friends. I'm REALLY happy with the way things worked out and this wedding is going to lead to some tweaks in how I approach things (aka, time to buy some new gear). Check em out... Ceremony/Tea: Calvary Church in Naperville, IL Reception: Hotel Arista in Naperville, IL

3 Shows, 6 Band Portraits

At the Beck's event I had to shoot portraits of each of the performing bands. Two of them are one of my favs I've shot in a while.

Your name in print...

There is nothing like seeing your work printed out. When I first started shooting digital I wondered why anyone would print things, then I bought my Epson 3800 and it was insane. The first time I saw a photo of mine on a magazine cover... even more insane. Today I got the Hanselman / Davis book back from an amazing printer and it looks out of this world. First time I used them and it looks great. Take a peak...

Alli & Matt

Another day, another wedding post. I’ve spent a lot of my time recently shooting/editing/booking weddings. Like I said below, I really like it now that I’ve done a bunch. It’s just creating cool images in a different way and my style is really starting to come through. This was a fun wedding. It was very laid back and the bride and groom were cool with seeing each other before the ceremony so that gave us time to create some great images without the pressure of getting to the reception and eating up everyone’s time. We had planned to shot in a park in Elmhurst, but the weather didn’t agree. Luckily I remembered that Wilder Mansion (http://www.wildermansion.org) was newly remodeled and or a very small fee they let us shoot. I LOVE these images. My goal when I shoot weddings is to make photos that I would want to hang on my wall, regardless of who the couple is. These definitely meet that. Check em out…

Ceremony: Faith Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst, IL Portraits: Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst, IL Reception: Arrowhead Country Club in Wheaton, IL

Devin & Tim - Galena, IL

So the whole reason I started shooting weddings was because a good friend of mine had watched my work progress on Facebook and really liked my style and asked me many times to shoot her wedding. At first I was not into it at all, but the more I thought about it the more interested I became. I finally said I would do it and theirs was an AMAZING wedding to shoot. It was at a place called Oak Hill in Galena, IL. A very pretty setting with a little chapel and barns for the couples to get ready in. The reception was held on site as well in a tent and it was just a really, really fun time and a great spot to make photos in. I have a special place in my heart for Galena so that probably helped as well. Check em out... Ceremony/Reception at Oak Hill in Galena, IL