What. A. Year.

I'm not one to post about years gone by or reflect back about things or whatever, but this past year was probably the most insane year of my life. I decided it was worth revisiting the good times, the changes, and the sad times in a little month by month breakdown. More so I can remember what happened than anything else. It was a busy one. 10 countries & 52 cities later here we are. January :: rung in the new year doing a shoot for Beck's with Mark Ronson February :: went to the winter Olympics in Vancouver March :: annual pilgrimage to Austin, TX April :: got engaged to a wonderful lady, Easter in Michigan, vegas trip with my friends May :: took a breather this month, no travel or big events June :: another month without much big news July :: Orlando for a project and Disney by myself, great week in Door County, first year back to Warped tour in Milwaukee August :: Found out I was leaving for tour 2 days before tour started which would inevitably change everything, went to... Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, Bristow, Hartford, Hershey, Newark, Holmdel, Queens, Islip, Wantagh, Boston, Camden, Atlantic City, Virginia Beach, Cleveland September :: Also visited... Detroit, Toronto, Daytona Beach, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Tampa, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Chula Vista, LA, Wheatland, San Jose, Mountain View, and Irvine October :: Gudalajara, Mexico City, San José Costa Rica, Bogotá Columbia, Lima Peru November :: Quito Ecuador, Santiago Chile, São Paulo Brazil, Rio de Janiero Brazil, Porto Alegre Brazil, Buenos Aires Argentina, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emarites December :: I quit my job, my future brother & sister in law got married, and my grand father died

Clearly one of the busiest years of my life. I did a lot of amazing things, made some tough decisions, and hopefully set myself up for more success this year. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.