Sooooo i've been really slow to update this. There isn't much spare time in front of a computer. Yesterday was another killer day, although I think d1 will b the hilight. Yesterday I shot...(sp is gonna suck) thomas young, brenden james, american band, mason jennings, brett dennen, rx bandits, serj from soad, billy bragg twice, ben harper, jamie dawson, tom morello, the stills, tokyo police club, the audition, and something else that slips my mind.

All solid, nothing outstanding. Today was the weirdest day bc there was a weird lull where nobody I knew seemed to have anything to do. It was chill and a needed break. I shot ha ha tonka this morning and up next is the frantic, mgmt, cool kids, paramore, and the hush sound. A full evening for sure. And then I bounce out tomorrow morning to head back to the chi andd try to drive straight through by myself... Should be interesting.