Worst Kickstarter ever?

I LOVE Kickstarter.  It's a great way to start a creative project by essentially having people pre-order your finished piece.  It's an amazing site.  This might be the worst Kickstarter I've seen though, especially from a band.  The video is boring and gets very stale (couldn't they put one of their own music tracks under it?).  And the Pledges are the weakest I've seen... $1 for a "vote" on a cover song, on up to $2000 for a guaranteed cover song choice on the album, you get to hear them play that cover live, and you get the album and some posters.  Wouldn't everyone else at that same show get to hear the same cover song, and for $12 they could buy the album?  Save yourself $1,968 (album + ticket cost) and don't support this project, go support a more worthy one.

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