Who cares about QR Codes?

I did a shoot the other day and afterwards we all went out to grab a drink.  The menu at the place we were at had a QR code on it and one of the guys said something along the lines of "these QR codes are really catching on and about to blow up."  To which those of us who work in the marketing world chuckled and said why's that?  He argued that when he starts to hear about something it's starting to get big because he's always the last to know.  Not bad logic, but in reality when have you ever seen someone use a QR code?  How many people do you even know with the app to read them on their phones?  It's an interesting idea but it will not catch on and is just another marketing ploy for agencies to make a couple extra bucks.  "Look at this!!!!  We can put these sweet QR codes onto stuff and people can just scan them in!!! How digital is this?!"  That's how I imagine those sell in meetings going.  They leave out the part where they rarely work properly, you have to download something to your phone to even be able to use them, and they're free.  You don't need to pay someone to use one or build one.

All that said, there is 1 place where I use QR codes and I think they're actually very helpful... real estate.  I'm not buying a house but I like to know what things cost in different areas.  Odds that I remember the name of the real estate company to go back and google it is rare.  And Red Fin can be hit or miss when I want it to find my location.  I will however scan a QR code if the sign has one and get the results I want.  But that's it.  Anywhere else a QR code is just a sad way to bring something into the digital age that in reality doesn't actually do that.