3 tools that have changed the way I work


If you don't know what Dropbox is you're in an alternate universe (click here to sign up or find out).  Basically it's cloud based storage that sync's with your desktop on whatever computer you set it up on.  Great for having files on multiple computers.  The best part, and what I use it for the most, is sharing files with clients.  Right click on a dropbox file and you can send a link directly to that file.  Have a lot to share? Share an entire folder with them.  Out on the road and they "forgot the link", just log in to the iPhone app and resend it.  It makes you look like you're running a high end server with web archive or supermail but in reality you're using a free service to make your life easier.


Yes, I just signed up this week and it's already on my list.  It was extremely easy to back fill with invoices.  It's got some solid reporting.  Expenses are a breeze.  It'll time track as well.  Everything you could want in book keeping software without the annoyance and complexity of Quickbooks.  I did the free, 3 client trial and immediately signed up.  Want to check it out?  Here you go... Freshbooks


This one is short and sweet... they power my websites and my blog.  I've never had an issue and there are tons of great plug ins and themes.  I used to try to design and develop my own sites but I had the realization that isn't what I'm good at.  I'm good at photo and video so I'll stick to populating the site with great content and let someone else develop it.