Why I quit my job

I've been thinking.  A lot.  The past year has been a whirlwind.  Almost a year ago to the day I was on a plane on my way to the middle east to finish up tour.  It was an amazing year and it just got better after that.  I was able to spend some quality time with my grandfather before he passed away.  I got a dog.  I found a new job.  I got married.  I got a house.  We found out we're having a kid.  I did a ton of freelance.  I bought a new car.  I told the world we're having a kid (just as weird as finding out yourself).  And today marks my last day at the job I got only 10 months ago.  You might ask yourself, why in the world would someone with all that stuff going on quit a steady income.  I've been asking myself that too.A while back I posted about a phrase that had been resonating with me.  "Would I do it for free?"  I can't post something like that without taking a look at it myself.  And the more I looked at what I was doing the more I said to myself that there was no way I would do it for free.  And I didn't really want to be doing it for what I got paid.  The company is cool and good at what they do, but their video work is very elementary.  I did 3 or 4 cool projects but most of it was meetings and presentations.  The stuff that I hated having to tell someone else they had to do at my last job, and now it wasn't just that it was coming in.  I had to do it myself.

So I decided to take a chance and go for my own company.  I don't know that there will ever be a better time to try my own thing than right now, so why not do it?  While I finish the corporation papers and negotiate contracts I have a 2 month contract with an amazing company I'll fill you guys in on in a little bit.  For now, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping my amazing year continues.  If you need any photo/video, you let me know.