Why we don't want Dwight Howard

Dan, You're looking at Howard the wrong way.  If we can get him and keep him then I don't think anyone would disagree with you.  But to trade him for this season and then hope that he sticks with the Bulls is a bad move.  No center has ever gone to a team and won the championship that year.  It took Shaq 2 years after going to LA to win, same thing when he went to Miami. Took Moses Malone a year after going to the 76ers.  Took Wilt Chamberlain 2 years after going to the 76ers and 4 years after going to the Lakers.  It took Kareem 5 years after he went to LA.  Why trade for a player who isn't going to commit to the team and thus there's no precedence for that trade being a good decision.

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