Clothes make you creative

That's not true, but it's not entirely false either.  Obviously I don't think your clothes make you creative or not, that'd be ridiculous.  But they can stifle your creativity.  Maybe not blatantly but it does.  I take my own situation as a case study.  I've never worked somewhere with a dress code.  I wore a hat to work almost every day of my career, other people would work without shoes on, people dressed comfortably and got work done.  It didn't boost their creativity to not have a dress code, it made them comfortable and thus they worked a little easier.  Where I'm at now, there is a dress code.  "Business casual"  No jeans, no gym shoes, and absolutely no hat.  So what does that really mean?  Am I so struck with dress code frustration that I can't do my job?  Of course not.  But it does mean that every morning my least favorite thing to do is pick out clothes.  I have to think about what I'm going to wear, I have to iron it all, I have to tuck it in, and I always wonder if it's "Business Casual" enough.  I don't ever really feel comfortable at work without the safety of my black hat turned slightly sideways.  And I don't ever really feel comfortable during my day.  Until I get home and immediately take off the "business" and just go with the casual.  I don't interact with clients, I don't go to lots of meetings, most days I talk to the same two people.  But the company was started as a sales business and they just don't get the creative world.  One of these days I'll go crazy and wear a t-shirt to the office, that will throw things way off kilter.