happy paper day!

i just got some new paper samples and i'm uber excited.  Due to time constraints for my last show I found a paper I liked (epson brilliant luster) and just went with that.  Today I swung by calumet and picked up some sample packs and I just downloaded some profiles.  Time to find an image that I like and print it over and over and over again.  I picked up Epson Brilliant Supreme Glossy, Epson Brilliant Supreme Lustre, Epson Brilliant Supreme Matte, Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss Paper, Ilford Galerie Smooth Fine Art Paper, Ilford Galerie Smooth High Gloss Media, Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Paper, Ilford Galerie Smooth Multi-Use Paper, Ilford Galerie Smooth Heavyweight Matte Paper, Brilliant Museum SilverGloss White, Brilliant Museum SilverGloss Natural, Brilliant Museum Satin Matte White, Brilliant Museum Satin Matte Natural.  That should be a gooooooooood time.