I've got a standing tradition of heading out to jimmy buffet when he comes to town.  I'm not a big buffet fan and a lot of times we don't even end up going into the show because the tickets are more valuable scalped.  But I hit it up with some friends last night and had a ton o fun.  It always gets a little nutty, but crazy goings on are the story of my life.  Anyways it was an interesting start to what's going to be an interesting 3 weeks.  Lolla hits this weekend, there's always a million people around and some great shows.  Typically the after shows are a little more fun than lolla itself.  I'm snagging friday and then busting out on the warped tour to do some work with ludo and warped.  If you'll be around, I'm hitting... Chicago (obviously)/Minneapolis/Saskatoon SK/Calgary/Nampa ID/George WA/Portland/Fresno/Chula Vista/Mountain View/Marysville/Carson.  Swing by and say hey.