the bob saget roast

Is kind of hilarious.  I'm not typically a comedy central fan or a roast fan but some of these jokes are pretty hilarious.  "Bob Saget's girlfriend is so young, R Kelly wouldn't pee on her."  Whatever though.  I'm working on getting this blog rolling.  I just downloaded the new iphone app and I'm really going to try to get some stuff rolling here.  I have some crazy antics typically, and most people would love to see them I'm sure.  If not, you're in the wrong place.  Soooooo here's what's new with me... big client meeting with comcast tomorrow.  I'm co-running it I guess, should be interesting.  I'm shooting a video with the amazing Kevin Andrew Prchal in a short while.  I'm probably going to mexico in early september to work at an orphanage for a week.  I'm heading to the east coast for a quick wedding on the 20th and I can't believe it's almost september.