People often ask me what use Twitter is. I used to not know how to answer that, but now I have solid examples of why I love the site. Sure there's the interactions with friends and followers and ranting and just feeling more self important than anyone should. It only takes a few days to get used to that, but there's more. In 140 keystrokes or less I'm in touch with people and companies that I NEVER could be in touch with in any other situation. Millionaire Mark Cuban is tweeting about how great HDnet is, I send him a @reply to find out what he's talking about and why I can't get it on U-verse and within seconds he and I are tweeting back and forth. He sings the praise of his network and tells me exactly how to get it on u-verse (I was looking in the wrong spot). This guy owns sports teams and has millions but takes a minute to explain HDnet to me because it's soo fast to do. I was looking to take my girlfriend on vacation to a beach for her 30th birthday. That was my only requirement but I had no idea where to go. What do you know, I follow American Airlines (@AAirwaves) and they randomly post a deal on a trip to Barbados. I check it out, make a call and it saves me $400-500 on the vacation I was planning. That's $500 saved by some tweets. Today I randomly send a reply to Legal Zoom (@legalzoom) a company I've looked at for incorporating many times but can't get over the cost (it's what it should cost, I just haven't been able to pull the trigger). I tell them "@LegalZoom u guys should drop a twitter coupon action for your followers on the fence about incorporating (aka, i'm gonna inc & wanna save)" 140 little characters, they send me a Direct Message with a 20% off coupon. Roughly that saves me $200.

Between Legal Zoom and American Airlines that's $700 I've saved via Twitter in the past couple months. Both would be great companies without the discounts, I have a new found affection for both after them. I've posted 1,136 tweets, I've saved $700. If you break that down to a per tweet number that means I've saved 61.6 cents per tweet I've posted. How can you not love something with a return like that?