RFT Magazine Shoot

01_RFT_Headshots_023 02_RFT_Headshots_097 03_RFT_Headshots_182 04_RFT_Headshots_169 05_RFT_Headshots_193 06_RFT_Headshots_198 07_RFT_Headshots_215 08_RFT_Headshots_307 09_RFT_Headshots_274 10_RFT_Headshots_321 11_RFT_Headshots_232 12_RFT_Headshots_397 13_RFT_Headshots_330 14_RFT_Headshots_350 15_RFT_Headshots_451 16_RFT_Headshots_480 17_RFT_Headshots_432 18_RFT_Headshots_434 19_RFT_Headshots_578 20_RFT_Headshots_515 21_RFT_Headshots_538 22_RFT_Headshots_573 23_RFT_Headshots_585 24_RFT_Headshots_589 My good friend Rob Tarpey handles the digital asset management and soft proofing for all the global packaging for a little company called McDonald's.  He has some upcoming press that he needed new portraits for and asked me to come out and photograph them.  The Marketing Store has a really unique office in the loop and we used that space as a backdrop for this shoot.  I think it came out great and will really help tell the story of the person behind the scenes of one of the biggest projects on the globe.