John Mayer Live

I shot the John Mayer show at First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre outside Chicago.  I saw Mayer for the first time almost 10 years ago at a college show.  Amazing to see one of the greatest living guitar players perform live.  As far as the show, the lighting was very flat.  Not much from behind or above, just a spot from the front really.  But, I got some good stuff.  Wish I could have shot more than just the first 3 songs.  See the whole gallery here. 15_JohnMayer2013-08-09_315 14_JohnMayer2013-08-09_491 13_JohnMayer2013-08-09_572 12_JohnMayer2013-08-09_141 11_JohnMayer2013-08-09_334 10_JohnMayer2013-08-09_093 09_JohnMayer2013-08-09_601 08a_JohnMayer2013-08-09_458 08_JohnMayer2013-08-09_448 07_JohnMayer2013-08-09_406 06_JohnMayer2013-08-09_229 05_JohnMayer2013-08-09_264 04_JohnMayer2013-08-09_047 03_JohnMayer2013-08-09_329 02_JohnMayer2013-08-09_177 01_JohnMayer2013-08-09_003