Door County is the Greatest Place on Earth

I've been to a lot of places.  Almost 100 cities, nearly 20 countries, I've seen a lot of locations around the US and the world.  What's my favorite place?  Door County Wisconsin.  It's an amazing place consisting of a half dozen cool little towns.  Sister Bay, specifically, is one of the best small towns in America.  It's 45 minutes to the nearest McDonald's, cell service is there for emergencies but spotty so you can disconnect, everyone is friendly, and the nearest stoplight is miles down the road.  No matter where you stop on Highway 42 you can't have a bad time.

My family and I head north to Door County at least once a year, typically twice.  This trip I decided to take a different approach.  I shot some photos, but I wanted to put together a family video that tells the story of the joy we have up there.  Stay tuned for that, and check out the photos below in the mean time.