I travel a lot I think. I guess I don't know just how much compared to others, but in my post about last year (read it here) I outline the 10 countries and 52 cities from last year. This year has already been a busy one... Iowa, California, North Dakota, Vegas and last week St. Kitts & Nevis, next weekend Milwaukee. You get the idea. It takes a lot to stay coordinated and ready for whatever issues come up so I thought I'd share my favorite travel apps. Wether it's driving, flying, boats or busses, these are the apps I use to make sure I get their on time.

AutoPilot This is the app I can't live without. It lets you put in all your travel info (flights, hotels, etc) and keeps track of them for you and keeps you updated. It let me know American delayed my flight an hour and a half, and it did it an hour before the people at the gate would admit we were delayed. And it let me know my flight was cancelled before they announced it. I was able to call the 800 number through the app and rebook for the next morning. While 100's of other people waited in the one line to rebook in person I was already in my hotel room watching the Bulls game. It also shows images and weather for the city you're heading to, can't beat it.

Currency When you're traveling abroad it's impossible to try to do the currency conversions in your head. This app is always up to date and you just choose your currency, type in the amount and see it converted into any number of formats on the fly. I've even used it to show vendors they were wrong when they try to give me too little change.

Kayak When you need to rebook, you want to see all your options. I use the app for that more than anything else. I was stuck at MIA, I put in flights to ORD for the next morning and was able to see that Delta still had seats through ATL getting me in at noon. I had American book me on it at their cost versus having to take the next AA flight that didn't get me in until midnight the next day.

Driving Apps Trapster is great for known speed traps. GasBag lets me know where the best gas prices can be found. And should my Garmin go down, and my in dash GPS backup go down, I have CoPilot to get me where I need to go.

Those are the apps that dominate my travel life. For keeping entertained while traveling that's a whole different story.