to nap or not to nap

as my tweets below will show, we decided to power through and do austin in a one day drive.  i'm not totally sure how wise this was.  i slept on and off for about three hours but that was about the most i got.  we wandered around town for a minute (didn't realize how empty it is the day before music kicks off), grabbed our wristbands for fader fort (way outside town this year and the lineup is weak), and then checked in to catch a quick nap (still haven't decided if that was wise). i'm going to try to do a day of recap on here or update periodically through out the day if i can.  we'll see how it goes, and i'll prob have to swing back through and add tags later.  let's start this one off with the rumor mill that surrounds sxsw...

1. metallica is playing on friday

2. kanye is djing this little house where i saw moby last year, and i'm supposed to be on the list

3. crystal method is djing said house above

we'll see what goes down.  stay tuned.