SX update 2

i haven't been able to keep up with this as much as i wanted... who would've guessed.  But i've been seeing some sweet acts and really just having fun hanging out.  Last night I shot Metallica from the crowd... unique experience for sure.  Then we hit the Driscoll for drinks outside on the balcony with new friends.  it was sweet.  Today is our last day (wtf, already) and there's rumor that kanye is playing fader fort tonight so we're going to hit that after breakfast, flatstock, rachel ray's party, ap party.  Should be an action packed day.  I'm going to try switching to dress shoes to mix things up... maybe I'll be back here at the hotel in 10 mins.  oh, and while i love the mark II, RIDICULOUS file size.  I shot 32gb yesterday to bring the total to almost 100gigs.