Day one in mexico

So the first day is typically chill. Today was pretty much on par with that, but with a little bonus excitement. Our flight got delayed. When we got to Texas we snagged some food headed to "the outpost" to snag supplies and then went to Mexico. Things have changed a lot at the orphanage, but it's one of those things where expectations are high and it's tough to live up to them. Chatted with Steve for a while and then took a tour to see the progress of the last 10 years. After that we loaded up and headed back because of an hour wait at the border crossing. About half way back we hit a military check point for the first time. Young guys with LARGE guns stopped the Mexican drivers, but let us on through. Then we saw a dog get hit by a car only to scamper off and be alright and a got our van xrayed at the border. Then dinner and we weren't back at the motel till 10 or so. Bed.