Mexico Recap

So I was going to try to blog every day I was in Mexico courtesy of the iPhone but it didn't work out so well. So instead I'm posting a belated post about what I did... In high school, during the summer I would spend a week just east of Juarez Mexico working on an orphanage. The first year we went was just putting the cap on a wall around the place, by the time my 4th year rolled around we were starting the walls in the dorm. It's a really spiritual, special place but I hadn't been back in 8 years. My trip on warped tour got messed up and I had some extra time so I decided to go back this year. Wow! It's changed a TON since I was last there. The dorm is mostly done, the staff housing is mostly done, everything is almost ready for the kids. All they need is a cafeteria and the kids can come home. I spent the week laying 16x16 tiles on the floor of the kid's rooms. It was pretty moving to realize that kids who had no other place to call home would soon be playing on those tiles i was putting down. Anyways, check out some selects below or the whole gallery at