Commuting Sucks

2013-05-02 08.05.58-1

I have written 3 blog posts about why I think it's bullshit for a company to move from the suburbs to the city.  I've deleted each one for being to wordy.  So, here's a top 10 list...

  1. When I accept a position at a company, one factor is the proximity to my home.  I want to have a work, life balance and you deciding to move the company to the city means I might have made a different decision when I took the job.
  2. "But you'll get to experience the city!" Everyone says that, it's not true.  Maybe if I was 22 and could get back to my place whenever I want, but I have a family I want to see occasionally.  Think about your average day and how much time you spend hanging out and enjoying your surroundings.  It's maybe a half hour at lunch, tops.
  3. It's a sprint to the office/train.  I wake up and I'm rushing to make the train, then I get to the city and I'm rushing to get to the office.  Then the day is done and I'm rushing to get to the train again, so that I can make it home before 7pm.  It sucks.
  4. It costs me more to get to work every day.  My train pass is $150, I've taken 5 cabs (due to weather or timing) which is about $50, I've had to park at the train station 4 times which is $12, and I've had to drive to the city to drop off/pick up gear twice (48 miles round trip x 55 cents a mile, plus $28/day to park) which cost me $108.80.  That's $320.80 or $120.80 more than what I was spending to drive.
  5. It costs more when I'm at work.  I just had a Caesar salad and a Diet Dr Pepper.  It was $10.  The salad dressing wasn't even included in the $7 salad price.  My first day I got a Coke and a bottle of water and it was almost $5.
  6. I can't go out for a beer after work.  My friend's company screwed them too and moved from the burbs to the city.  But for me to meet up with them for a beer or two I have to miss spending any time with my wife or putting the baby to sleep.  If I don't get on a train between 5 and 6:30pm, I don't get home until 8pm.
  7. The flip side of number 6 is that if I have to do anything in the suburbs before 7pm I can't make it.  By the time I get to the train, get to my home, walk there, put my stuff down, get everyone together, get in the car and pull away it's 7pm at the earliest.
  8. I work in the loop, like most everyone else.  Even when I want to do something after work, there's nothing going on after 6pm or on weekends.  Everything happens in neighborhoods, nothing happens downtown in the loop.
  9. Even though you're in the city, you can't get to anything.  If I need to go to the camera store I have to either drive down (see costs above), take an hours worth of trains/busses/walking, or take an expensive cab.  Even if all I need is a USB cable I have to walk a mile to Best Buy or take a $7 cab.  And that's assuming what I'm looking for is popular enough to put on their small amount of shelf space.  And I can't go to the one by my house on the way in because it opens at 9 and I'll miss my trains.
  10. And finally, people who don't work in the city always talk about how great it would be.  It's not.

(Btw, I think it would be just as bad if it was a company in the city moving to the suburbs.  People take jobs based on location.)