In the studio with Thrice

As you probably saw from the many tweets I posted in LA I recently had one of the better trips I've ever taken.  I flew out last minute for a trip to hang with my friend Carl and my new found friend Patrick at Bamboozle Left.  I'm pretty sure I'm over festivals.  Even with artist passes and free food and drink there is just too much going on.  But I did check out some bands I hadn't heard before that I liked (aka The Jakes).  Annnnnnnnd the highlight was prob meeting the guy who signed Radiohead and discovered Coldplay... crazy.

After Bamboozle I headed out to Orange to chill and shoot some stuff with one of my three favorite bands of all time... Thrice.  I've been chatting with their manager for a while setting up shows to shoot when they come through town.  I let him know I'd be out that way and I wanted to hang and shoot and they were down.  I went out to Teppei's house where they record in a home studio and hung out and shot photos and video for a few days.  First, what I heard, in it's very rough form sounds amazing.  I'm very excited for this album.  It's less programmed and polished and more groove and guitar driven.  It's going to pwn.  The first day they played a bunch of tracks and I shot video and photo and got some great stuff.  Day two they worked a LOT on mic placement for drums, but got some great tones.  Then started tracking.  I also sat down with each Dustin, Teppei, Ed, and Riley to do a little interview action about the recording process and stuff.  The next day was more tracking, lots of shooting with Dustin writing, and helping Teppei's kid dig for slugs and scare Dustin with them.  It was the break I needed, and it was really crazy to be hanging with them shooting.  The stuff came out amazingly, a few samples below.