Great photo spread

So A Photo Editor is doing this cool new thing called "The Daily Edit" where they pull an image, illustration or design from magazines that they like and post them each day.  They've been interesting up until this point, but there's something I really like about this spread by Kareem Black.  Read the interview with the photographer and see higher resolution images at their site:  





Thrice in Chicago - 06/10/10

One of my favorite bands of all time is a band called Thrice from Cali.  Last April I as able to head out to the west coast to join them in the studio while they were recording their best album so far, Beggars.  They came through Chicago in June and I got some great shots.

Engagement Photos :: Mary & Dave

Had a great afternoon shooting with Mary & Dave for their engagement session.  We went over to Lilacia Park in Lombard, the day of the Lilac Parade.  It was a lot of fun.

A Day With Adé

Finally got together with my good friend Adrian to do portraits of his son.  What a cute, fun, energetic little kid.  It was a great shoot, he's the perfect age for a first portrait session.

Band Portraits - Embrace This Hope

Embrace This Hope came by for some band portraits earlier this year and I hadn't had a chance to share them until now.  Pretty happy with the way the outdoor shots worked out.
Tech specs indoor: 5dMkII, 24-70mm f/2.8, Calumet Travelights, ProFoto Ring Flash  Outdoor: 5dMkII, 24-70mm, Canon 480ex

Your name in print...

There is nothing like seeing your work printed out. When I first started shooting digital I wondered why anyone would print things, then I bought my Epson 3800 and it was insane. The first time I saw a photo of mine on a magazine cover... even more insane. Today I got the Hanselman / Davis book back from an amazing printer and it looks out of this world. First time I used them and it looks great. Take a peak...

Alli & Matt

Another day, another wedding post. I’ve spent a lot of my time recently shooting/editing/booking weddings. Like I said below, I really like it now that I’ve done a bunch. It’s just creating cool images in a different way and my style is really starting to come through. This was a fun wedding. It was very laid back and the bride and groom were cool with seeing each other before the ceremony so that gave us time to create some great images without the pressure of getting to the reception and eating up everyone’s time. We had planned to shot in a park in Elmhurst, but the weather didn’t agree. Luckily I remembered that Wilder Mansion ( was newly remodeled and or a very small fee they let us shoot. I LOVE these images. My goal when I shoot weddings is to make photos that I would want to hang on my wall, regardless of who the couple is. These definitely meet that. Check em out…

Ceremony: Faith Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst, IL Portraits: Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst, IL Reception: Arrowhead Country Club in Wheaton, IL

Devin & Tim - Galena, IL

So the whole reason I started shooting weddings was because a good friend of mine had watched my work progress on Facebook and really liked my style and asked me many times to shoot her wedding. At first I was not into it at all, but the more I thought about it the more interested I became. I finally said I would do it and theirs was an AMAZING wedding to shoot. It was at a place called Oak Hill in Galena, IL. A very pretty setting with a little chapel and barns for the couples to get ready in. The reception was held on site as well in a tent and it was just a really, really fun time and a great spot to make photos in. I have a special place in my heart for Galena so that probably helped as well. Check em out... Ceremony/Reception at Oak Hill in Galena, IL

In the studio with Thrice

As you probably saw from the many tweets I posted in LA I recently had one of the better trips I've ever taken.  I flew out last minute for a trip to hang with my friend Carl and my new found friend Patrick at Bamboozle Left.  I'm pretty sure I'm over festivals.  Even with artist passes and free food and drink there is just too much going on.  But I did check out some bands I hadn't heard before that I liked (aka The Jakes).  Annnnnnnnd the highlight was prob meeting the guy who signed Radiohead and discovered Coldplay... crazy.

After Bamboozle I headed out to Orange to chill and shoot some stuff with one of my three favorite bands of all time... Thrice.  I've been chatting with their manager for a while setting up shows to shoot when they come through town.  I let him know I'd be out that way and I wanted to hang and shoot and they were down.  I went out to Teppei's house where they record in a home studio and hung out and shot photos and video for a few days.  First, what I heard, in it's very rough form sounds amazing.  I'm very excited for this album.  It's less programmed and polished and more groove and guitar driven.  It's going to pwn.  The first day they played a bunch of tracks and I shot video and photo and got some great stuff.  Day two they worked a LOT on mic placement for drums, but got some great tones.  Then started tracking.  I also sat down with each Dustin, Teppei, Ed, and Riley to do a little interview action about the recording process and stuff.  The next day was more tracking, lots of shooting with Dustin writing, and helping Teppei's kid dig for slugs and scare Dustin with them.  It was the break I needed, and it was really crazy to be hanging with them shooting.  The stuff came out amazingly, a few samples below.

Lucas Long

My friend Luke was looking for some new head shots for his burgeoning model/acting career so he swung by and we did a little session.  Some great stuff.  He's also in the band Ha Ha Tonka, go check them out. lucuslong_039

hollys wedding...

In the last two years I've attended a LOT of weddings of varying style.  This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending my girlfriend's friend's wedding in Barrington.  It was a good time.  Some bonding with the potential brother in-law (should he and I both decide to propose at some point to our prospective ladies) and general wedding good times.  It was a LATE one (wedding at 6/630, dinner at 9, went till midnight) but it was fun.  Some random selects from my very assorted photo taking...

the young sea - promo

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friends in the band The Young Sea and shooting some photos for their upcoming release. They've finally decided to listen to me and are going to give away their music for free. They're going to do a track a month and try to do some cool stuff along with that. You should definitely give it a listen ( ). Here are some selects...

Music photography in Chicago

I LOVE Chicago, but shooting music (concerts and bands) in the city is quite the chore.  Sometimes I wish I lived in a minor market where I'd be the only photog.  A lot of shows these days are stacked with photographers.  Although with all that competition it forces photographers to really step up their game and deliver the best photographs they can.

sxsw... only a few days away

In just a few short days I will be on my way to Austin.  My friends are all wusses and aren't rolling with me so I'm heading down by myself and I'll meet up with some friends in TX.  Should be quite an adventure and part of the reason I started this blog back up.  Stay tuned for all the craziness that is sure to ensue.  Plus I'm covering for Amp Magazine so that'll be rad too.austinmap.jpg