Great photo spread

So A Photo Editor is doing this cool new thing called "The Daily Edit" where they pull an image, illustration or design from magazines that they like and post them each day.  They've been interesting up until this point, but there's something I really like about this spread by Kareem Black.  Read the interview with the photographer and see higher resolution images at their site:  





On the road again...

We got back on Sunday from a show in Puerto Rico and a show in Dominican Republic.  Both were great, the energy was intense and the driver got lost on the way to the Dominican venue so we got to see a little bit of the town.  Something I wish we got to do a little bit more often.  There was little security on the floor in DR so I had to stand on chairs and shoot from the front which was different.  I also had 2 people want to take my picture.  Pretty sure they don't really know that I'm the lowly photographer who just hangs out with people they'd want photos of. I'm going to try to keep this a little bit more up to date this time around as we'll actually have a minute or two of down time in which to do that.  Tomorrow we leave for the big leg of the South American tour.  Hitting some cities I've always wanted to go to but never thought I could actually see.  I couldn't be more excited and I'm just hoping that we have some down time to hang out.  Here's the list of where we're heading, after that I'm not sure...

10.23.10 Guadalajara , MX Estadio 3 de Marzo more info
10.24.10 Mexico City , MX Foro Sol more info
10.26.10 San José , CR Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá more info
10.28.10 Bogotá , CO Parque Simón Bolívar more info
10.30.10 Lima , PE Estadio Monumental more info
11.1.10 Quito, Ecuador Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa more info
11.1.10 Quito, Ecuador Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa more info
11.4.10 Santiago , CL Estadio Monumental more info
11.6.10 São Paulo , BR Associação Portuguesa de Desportos more info
11.7.10 Rio de Janiero , BR Est. Celio de Barros (Maracana Complex) more info
11.10.10 Porto Alegre , BR Ginásio Gigantinho more info
11.13.10 Buenos Aires, Argentina Estadio River Plate more info

Monopoly is Back!

So I'm a little behind on this, but I just got an email from the one and only McDonald's about Monopoly being back.  In addition to the shot of my co-work Charmaine that I assisted on, I realized they ended up using one of my wedding photos in the Snap Fish assembly.  Random to open your email and see a little something you shot.  If you haven't been playing Monopoly you've been missing out.  A lot of my friends worked a LONG time and a LOT of hours to make it look and run perfectly so you should go scope it out.  Plus you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning something.

Better late than never... Warped Tour 2010

So, as my Emarosa only post showed, I shot Warped Tour this summer and just got around to editing the photos.  I ment to do it on tour, but forgot the hard drive with those images.  So below are some of my favs as well as links to the full galleries.  Warped is always fun.  This year I went up to Milwaukee with my friend Carl and we did more hanging out than anything.

Alkaline Trio ::

AM Taxi ::

Every Time I Die ::

The Summer Set ::

We The Kings ::

The Future...

TONS of stuff is going on right now.  Making some crazy decisions that could change things going forward, but opportunities like these are impossible to pass up.  Hoping that I'm going down the right paths.  But either way, everything happens for a reason.  Soooooo, what's all going on you may be asking yourselves.  I'm going out on tour again.  Heading out to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and some dates that are still undecided as of yet.  It's amazing to be able to travel on someone else's bill.  Let alone getting paid to do it and going to amazing locations like we've been doing.  In addition to that I'm looking to set up some freelance stuff for when I get back to town in January (hit me up if you've got anything rolling).  I'm moving out of my apartment with my cuz.  He's moving to Toledo so look for me out that way when I've got some time.

Amazing times are ahead.  I've always been a believer that everything goes down for a reason.  Let's hope that holds up.

On the road again...

Tomorrow I'm off to join the Jonas Brothers on tour as their tour photographer.  I'm really excited about the opportunity and being out creating images every day.  I'll be out for a couple weeks and we'll be hitting a bunch of cities around the country (and a couple in Canada).  Keep checking back for updates here and if you'll be out in any of the cities below, stop by and say hey.

8.7.10 Tinley Park , IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre more info
8.8.10 Noblesville , IN Verizon Wireless Music Center more info
8.10.10 Cincinnati , OH Riverbend Music Center more info
8.11.10 Burgettstown , PA First Niagara Pavilion more info
8.12.10 Bristow , VA Jiffy Lube Live more info
8.13.10 Hartford , CT Road Dogs more info
8.13.10 Hartford , CT Comcast Theatre more info
8.14.10 Hershey , PA Hersheypark Stadium more info
8.16.10 Newark , NJ Road Dogs more info
8.16.10 Holmdel , NJ PNC Bank Arts Center more info
8.17.10 Holmdel , NJ PNC Bank Arts Center more info
8.19.10 Queens , NY Road Dogs more info
8.21.10 Islip , NY Road Dogs more info
8.21.10 Wantagh , NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theater more info
8.22.10 Wantagh , NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theater more info
8.25.10 Boston , MA Comcast Center more info
8.26.10 Boston , MA Road Dogs more info
8.26.10 Boston , MA Comcast Center more info
8.27.10 Camden , NJ Road Dogs more info
8.27.10 Camden , NJ Susquehanna Bank Center more info
8.28.10 Atlantic City , NJ Trump Taj Mahal more info
8.29.10 Virginia Beach , VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater more info
8.31.10 Cleveland , OH Quicken Loans Arena more info
9.1.10 Clarkston , MI DTE Energy Music Theatre more info
9.2.10 Toronto , ON, Canada Molson Canadian Amphitheatre more info
9.3.10 Toronto , ON, Canada Molson Canadian Amphitheatre more info
9.4.10 Montreal , QC, Canada Centre Bell Centre more info
9.5.10 Daytona Beach , FL Ocean Center more info
9.7.10 Jupiter , FL Road Dogs more info
9.7.10 West Palm Beach , FL Cruzan Amphitheater more info
9.8.10 Tampa , FL 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre At the Florida State Fairgrounds more info
9.10.10 San Antonio , TX AT&T Center more info
9.11.10 Houston , TX Road Dogs more info
9.11.10 Houston , TX Woodlands Pavilion more info
9.12.10 Dallas , TX Road Dogs more info
9.12.10 Dallas , TX Center more info
9.14.10 Phoenix , AZ Cricket Wireless Pavilion more info
9.16.10 Chula Vista , CA Cricket Wireless Amphitheater more info
9.17.10 Wheatland , CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Wheatland more info
9.18.10 San Jose , CA Road Dogs more info
9.18.10 Mountain View , CA Shoreline Amphitheatre more info
9.19.10 Irvine , CA Road Dogs more info
9.19.10 Irvine , CA Irvine Meadows / Verizon Wireless Amphitheater more info

Thrice in Chicago - 06/10/10

One of my favorite bands of all time is a band called Thrice from Cali.  Last April I as able to head out to the west coast to join them in the studio while they were recording their best album so far, Beggars.  They came through Chicago in June and I got some great shots.

Engagement Photos :: Mary & Dave

Had a great afternoon shooting with Mary & Dave for their engagement session.  We went over to Lilacia Park in Lombard, the day of the Lilac Parade.  It was a lot of fun.

Band Portraits - Embrace This Hope

Embrace This Hope came by for some band portraits earlier this year and I hadn't had a chance to share them until now.  Pretty happy with the way the outdoor shots worked out.
Tech specs indoor: 5dMkII, 24-70mm f/2.8, Calumet Travelights, ProFoto Ring Flash  Outdoor: 5dMkII, 24-70mm, Canon 480ex

Local Show at Metro

It's been a while since I've been to a local show at Metro in Chicago with bands that are younger in the scene. These bands... A Kidnap in Color, The Highlife, Draft Week, Footlight Frenzy, and Indecent Exposure played some solid sets. I hadn't heard them before but they were solid. Here are some of my favs...

Jess & Mark

This wedding was a fun one for me. I knew most everyone in the wedding party and at the wedding so it was good to catch up with people and make some images of my friends. I'm REALLY happy with the way things worked out and this wedding is going to lead to some tweaks in how I approach things (aka, time to buy some new gear). Check em out... Ceremony/Tea: Calvary Church in Naperville, IL Reception: Hotel Arista in Naperville, IL

Emmitt & Alina

Had a shoot with my cousin’s children. They’re both young and it was a little challenging but I really like some of these. She was looking for something natural and less staged than you get from a lot of studios… right up my alley.

Alli & Matt

Another day, another wedding post. I’ve spent a lot of my time recently shooting/editing/booking weddings. Like I said below, I really like it now that I’ve done a bunch. It’s just creating cool images in a different way and my style is really starting to come through. This was a fun wedding. It was very laid back and the bride and groom were cool with seeing each other before the ceremony so that gave us time to create some great images without the pressure of getting to the reception and eating up everyone’s time. We had planned to shot in a park in Elmhurst, but the weather didn’t agree. Luckily I remembered that Wilder Mansion ( was newly remodeled and or a very small fee they let us shoot. I LOVE these images. My goal when I shoot weddings is to make photos that I would want to hang on my wall, regardless of who the couple is. These definitely meet that. Check em out…

Ceremony: Faith Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst, IL Portraits: Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst, IL Reception: Arrowhead Country Club in Wheaton, IL

Devin & Tim - Galena, IL

So the whole reason I started shooting weddings was because a good friend of mine had watched my work progress on Facebook and really liked my style and asked me many times to shoot her wedding. At first I was not into it at all, but the more I thought about it the more interested I became. I finally said I would do it and theirs was an AMAZING wedding to shoot. It was at a place called Oak Hill in Galena, IL. A very pretty setting with a little chapel and barns for the couples to get ready in. The reception was held on site as well in a tent and it was just a really, really fun time and a great spot to make photos in. I have a special place in my heart for Galena so that probably helped as well. Check em out... Ceremony/Reception at Oak Hill in Galena, IL

Stephanie & Chris

So this year I’ve started doing weddings and I’m really enjoying it. The first couple were stressful, but now that I’m used to it I love just going out and making images. I’m going to post some galleries as I go along, here are some from the Hanselman/Davis Wedding. Ceremony: Springdale Community Church Reception: White Eagle Country Club

In the studio with Thrice

As you probably saw from the many tweets I posted in LA I recently had one of the better trips I've ever taken.  I flew out last minute for a trip to hang with my friend Carl and my new found friend Patrick at Bamboozle Left.  I'm pretty sure I'm over festivals.  Even with artist passes and free food and drink there is just too much going on.  But I did check out some bands I hadn't heard before that I liked (aka The Jakes).  Annnnnnnnd the highlight was prob meeting the guy who signed Radiohead and discovered Coldplay... crazy.

After Bamboozle I headed out to Orange to chill and shoot some stuff with one of my three favorite bands of all time... Thrice.  I've been chatting with their manager for a while setting up shows to shoot when they come through town.  I let him know I'd be out that way and I wanted to hang and shoot and they were down.  I went out to Teppei's house where they record in a home studio and hung out and shot photos and video for a few days.  First, what I heard, in it's very rough form sounds amazing.  I'm very excited for this album.  It's less programmed and polished and more groove and guitar driven.  It's going to pwn.  The first day they played a bunch of tracks and I shot video and photo and got some great stuff.  Day two they worked a LOT on mic placement for drums, but got some great tones.  Then started tracking.  I also sat down with each Dustin, Teppei, Ed, and Riley to do a little interview action about the recording process and stuff.  The next day was more tracking, lots of shooting with Dustin writing, and helping Teppei's kid dig for slugs and scare Dustin with them.  It was the break I needed, and it was really crazy to be hanging with them shooting.  The stuff came out amazingly, a few samples below.


So this blog started about a year ago when I got confirmation for SXSW08.  In that time I've been slower than I wanted to be at posting updates but I've been at about one a week.  Expect that to step up this year.  I've got a lot going, starting with heading back to Austin in a few weeks to cover SXSW09.  It's an amazing time and I really enjoy catching up with friends from around the country at one week long party.  It's going to be sweet.

new 5d mkII

busted out the cammy for my first time at metro the other night (still waiting to hear on the house photog gig with them).  It's a pretty sweet little cam.  Shot everything at 3200 iso with the 24-70mm f/2.8L.  Not a big fan of the lens, but the camera is dope.  The files however are HUGE... 25mb each.  I could shoot about half what I normally would be able to since the files are twice the size and I'm only rocking 18gb right now.  Anyways, here are some favs from Ludo and Sing it Loud...